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Hand-n-Hand Peer Support

Free, confidential peer support for health professionals in Australia and New Zealand.


What is peer support?

Simply put, peer support is a way of providing emotional and wellbeing assistance where both the facilitator and participant are equals. Through this, people can connect through lived experiences.

Peer support is supported by research as an effective pre-clinical mental health intervention.

You sign up, and we match you with a peer support volunteer from a similar field and level of training. Once linked in, you can catch up whenever suits you both, as often as you need, online or in person.

Our fantastic volunteers are experienced healthcare professionals with dedicated mental health training. Both one-on-one and group peer support are available.

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Receive peer support

Sign up, and start your peer support journey. Group and one-on-one support available.

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Provide peer support

Volunteer as a peer support facilitator, and help others take care of their mental wellbeing.

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