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A Q&A webinar for new doctors

In January, Hand-n-Hand ran the ‘Surviving Internship’ webinar to help recent medical graduates prepare for their upcoming intern year.

With 200+ new doctors tuning in from all across Australia, members of the HnH team shared their tips for various aspects of internship, and thriving through this challenging but exciting year.

A range of questions were answered during the event, such as an intern’s responsibilities, finances, and wellbeing. We were glad that we were able to provide some advice on these pertinent topics, and we would like to remind everyone that support is always available, both through Hand-n-Hand and other services.

We have decided to make the recording of this webinar publicly available on the Hand-n-Hand website, so that current and future interns can benefit from the information shared. The link can be found under the ‘Events’ tab on our website:

Thank you to Erica and Dan for sharing your insight and experience, and thank you to all our attendees for the great questions. We hope this event was helpful to you, and we wish you all the best with your medical journeys!


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