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It's 100% free, confidential, and does not involve any medical or psychiatric treatment. Our peer support facilitators all have extensive mental health training.

Support is available for:

  • Doctors

  • Nurses

  • Allied health

  • Paramedics

  • Healthcare students

  • Non-clinical health staff

We have a few options available to choose from:

  • Individual Peer Support: You will be matched to a volunteer from a similar field and level of training.

  • Group Peer Support: You will be matched in a group with others from a similar field and level of training, and facilitated by a Hand-n-Hand volunteer.


"Very grateful for the peer support provided - the collegiate discussions, sharing of experiences, etc. My work environment can be very isolating especially during the COVID pandemic, and social interactions with colleagues at my workplaces have dwindled to a minimum. Being able to connect and chat on a regular basis with peers has been a lifesaver."

Andrew (Specialist GP)

Become a facilitator

A diversity of professions and training levels is a crucial. By becoming a facilitator, you're helping others in your shoes take care of their mental wellbeing.

Choose to be involved in individual support, group support, or both. Find session times that suit you, online or in person, to fit in with your working and personal life.

If you don't have any formal mental health training, we'll provide it for you.

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Peer support training

Run by Hand-n-Hand and designed in collaboration with the Black Dog Institute, our peer support workshops are designed to teach the principles of effective peer support and give you the skills to be an effective supporter. Sessions are highly interactive, with a focus on scenario-based practice.  The perfect session for anyone interested in becoming a peer support facilitator, or just providing empathetic support to fellow healthcare workers.

Express your interest via the form below to be the first to be notified when new sessions are available. Trainings are free of charge, but tend to book out fast!


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Keep up to date on the latest news, discussions, and opportunities related to mental health in healthcare workers.