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Peer Supporter Spotlight: Dr. Sallyanne Strathdee

"#IPeerSupportBecause I see peer support as a vital component in the wider support network available to us."

Sallyanne is an Emergency/ICU registrar providing peer support to other registrars doing their specialist training.

"It's an informal, accessible, yet confidential way to decompress our thoughts and feelings with colleagues who can relate to current issues affecting our respective professions.

"As healthcare workers or students we have dedicated our careers to the care and support of our patients, but sometimes we need help too."

Things that Sallyanne does to relax include reading trashy historical romances and painting (according to her, not well - but it's the effort that counts!)

"The pandemic has changed our work environment and processes, making our jobs physically, mentally and emotionally more difficult.

"Now more than ever we need to be supporting each other... volunteering for Hand-n-Hand Peer Support is a wonderful way to do that!"

If you're a healthcare worker in Australia or New Zealand, you can register your interest as a peer supporter at:


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