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World Mental Health Day 2021

Image credit: WHO

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day

After the past 18 months of the pandemic, mental struggles are all too familiar to most of us. At the same time, lockdowns have left psychology, counselling, and substance abuse services significantly disrupted, with waitlists stretching for months.

Frontline workers have been particularly affected, carrying the weight of increased patient loads, strict PPE and COVID-safe protocols, rapidly changing clinical environments - not to mention the fear of catching COVID or bringing it home to their families.

We here at Hand-n-Hand hope that this World Mental Health Day serves as a wake-up call for governments and health services to scale up mental health services, and for the health sector to do more to protect the psyche of their employees.

And to the frontline workers - no amount of social media posts or tweets will be enough to express how much we owe you. Thank you 💓


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